Getting critical about viewing videos

  • Hi, I’ve been using the movie player, a lot! I think this is a mac problem, but I’m not sure. 
    The videos drop frames causing a small visual jump. Very subtle, but critically viewing it’s noticeable.
    If I watch the same video with Quicktime 7 it does the same thing.
    However if I playback the same video with Avid or Final Cut Pro X I don’t see the same problem.
    The video’s are recorded with a high end Harmony/Omneon recording system, so I know it records well. The format is DVCProHD/DV-100 with an MOV rapper.
    I’m trying to research how Avid and Final Cut Pro handle the video differently from QT7, but I haven’t found anything yet.
    I’ve tried many different videos, and many different codecs. also different computers. I’ve played the video’s from the internal HD, External USB 3 hard drives and anything else I can test. So far every time it’s almost always the same outcome with very minor differences.

  • Hello,

    DVCProHD (made for old panasonic cameras)/DV-100 (made for ancient Avid systems) are old capture codec, not the best for modern distribution.
    Considering your machine, you would have a better play with h264 or Prores.
    And QT7 is good for many things but not the best to play modern HD or UHD video, QT10, made on AV foundation is much better.
    So I recommend to use h264 (direct output from FCPX is very good) or Prores 422LT.
    For me that works without any drop frames.

  • Your correct about QT10\. It does play pretty smooth. Is it possible that Izzy is somehow using my QT7?

    As far as codecs, I've tried ProRez 422HQ, 422, 422 LT and H.264 recorded with AJA Ki Pro recorders. and BM Hyperdeck Studio Pro. Same thing happens with all.

  • The new Isadora movie players use AVFoundation, (this is what you may be refereing to as quicktime 10). AVFoundation supports a limited set of codecs: all the pro-res formats, H264 and photojpeg. Any other codecs will be handled by QTKit, which is the bridge between the old quicktime library and the new AVFoundation.

    In general I would avoid DVCProHD and go with proress, even the LT and proxy versions are very good if the source material is good.
    I get great performance with Isadora's new movie playback, really perfect, so I am wondering if there is something strange with your files that makes it more difficult. One alarm bell is you mentioned playing files recorded from the BM Hyperdeck Studio Pro and AJA Ki Pro recorders, these are generic proress files BUT they have 16 audio tracks. It may well be the large number of audio tracks that is giving the system a stutter. I know that the files I recorded on the Hyperdeck pro all have 16 tracks, and I don't think there is a way to stop it.
    Can you check the number of audio tracks in the files you are working with?

  • I agree with Fred, the best way for me to obtain good files is through Compressor (or FCPX using Compressor presets), using streamlined presets for each particular use.

    Capture is one thing, editing another one and playing also, each one with a particular codec…