Movieplayback more jerky after update to 2_2_2

  • Hi guys

    opened a show which i programmed in izzy vs. 2_05 in the updated version 2_2_2 (three stages, one 1080, other two 720, pref: scale to default resolution 1920 x 1080). While playback in vs. 2_05 was acceptable i recognized a massive more jerky playback of the video files (all videos are Prores LT 50%_1080) in the updated version.  Any suggestions or users with same experience?
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    I can't think of any version specific reason for your experience.

    My thoughts fall to your setup. Have the locations of the videos changed since playing them back in 2.0.5? If they files have been moved it may be a data transfer issue, Prores are not small files, and at 1080p and 720p they will require good data transfer rates. This is the most common reason that users experience choppy playback. If you are running 3 videos to the 3 stages simultaneously it is highly recommended that they run from SSD drives.
    Has your video card driver been updated since 2.0.5? This may have an effect.
    On my PC, I have energy profiles setup. and I sometimes need to add Isadora to my Max profile to ensure the best performance (gaming profile). If Isadora is running in an energy saving or office productivity type profile, the performance/playback suffers greatly.

  • running izzy from a Mac Pro 3,7Ghz Quad with ssd. bitrate for the ProresLT videos between 70 and 90 Mbps. Files haven´t been moved. 

  • Dear @birdhouse,

    One thing to try: go to the Video tab of the Preferences and uncheck "Shared OpenGL Resources." Then run your 2.0.5 file. Does this solve the problem?
    Please answer these important questions:
    1) What is the resolution of each of your video projectors/displays?
    2) How are they arranged? The optimum arrangement would be to ensure that the three displays that are being used for video output are lined up on after the other from left to right. The output that you're using for the Isadora User Interface should be on the far left or far right of the three other outputs.
    3) Are you playing back to two different video cards? (I.e., do you have two dual-channel video cards installed instead of a single card with four or more outputs?)
    Best Wishes,

  • Hi @Mark 2.) stages are lined up correctly 1.) resolutions - Stage 1: 1080i . Stage 2: 1280/720 feeding an extron vsc 700 scan Converter . Stage 3: 1280/720 3.) graphics card: AMD Fire Pro D300 2Gb supports up to 6 outputs (thunderbolt/ mini displayport) Regards