[Solved] Commutator emulation. User actor, which able to route/split gpu-stream between INs and Outs

  • Hi everyone!

    Could anyone tell me what the best way to emulate in Isadora functionality of commutator like matrox 4x4(http://www.hdtvsupply.com/4x4-hdmi-matrix-switchers.html) to switch/split 3 sources to 3 physical outputs?

    In common case I prepare 3 different gpu-source for each of 3 stages, but sometime I need to combine: 1 source to both 2 scenes and second source to third scene or one source to all stages. Any combination is possible.
    Of course, I can prepare scenes for each case i've described, but in most of our shows I need to change it in life-mode, without interruption one of source: for example, one source plays main video content with sound, second source displays picture and third source displays text comment(each source on different stages). In curtain moment, while first source still plays video and sound, I need to combine second source to last two stages. It will cause that scene will looks like main video with sound still plays, but two other stages will display same picture(or for instance only text).
    Is it possible to do such functionality and what the best way to do it?
    Is there someone who made such functionality?
    Ps. I can't use our old vga-matrox 4x4, since we alter all our hardware to hdmi
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    I think you can build what you are talking about.. as long as there is a clear set of rules about how it should behave. The router and selector are probably going to be important for you. An older tutorial on my blog walks you thru building a video sequencer... not the same but it contains elements that should help you build you switcher. http://www.dusxproductions.com/blog/create-a-video-sequencer/ It's written for vid-cpu but it is possible to build it entirely in vid-gpu now. A current project I am doing some live switching.. I route my signals between a list of user actors that have mapping within them. I am using listener broadcasters to make the patch clean. It allows me to rout 3 channels of mixed video (2 players each) to 3 stages ( triplehead) I am not playing audio with the clips so I have not needed to ensure no conflict there, but the switching is great. I even have some additional logic within the actors for things like making the arrangements more symmetrical with flip and mirror. I think there are many ways you can approach your problem.

  • Thanks, DusX . 

    I did it! It seems, you magicaly help me when writting answer! I find very-very simple sollution in the moment!
    For those, who meet same task i've attached sample user Actor, which perform functionality of 3x3 commutator with fade effect(!). solution was very simple!
    You can either select stage and then select GPU_In Number("StageSelect" & "In_Select" parameters), or you can manualy select GPU_In for each out("In_Select for 1/2/3" parameters). Also, it has Layer parameter, which setting up all Projector "layer" property to same number.
    This actor easyly can be improved to 4x4 or 6x6 commutator.
    I don't know was it right to embed Projectors into actor, but also you could replace projectors by GPU-outs.


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    Perfect... very useful little user actor.!