Scene-independent audio?

  • Usually we run audio separate from Isadora, off cd deck, as a kind of failsafe and to loosen the audio cues from whatever may be happening on the video side (even though some bits of audio are triggered from Izzy)... so I have never really run an entire show's audio from within the programme. If I were to try this, is there a way of controlling audio independent of scene changes? For instance, so that the previous scene's audio may continue while changing scenes, etc? If I can get this running, it might solve some problems I am having with tonight's performance of Uncles & Angels here in Paris (see related thread Advice will be appreciated! (showtime in 9 hours...)

  • Can' t you make a scene only for audio and keep it always active? I'm away of a computer now so I can't test it, but I think it's possible… Have a great show!

  • aaah yes, will try that next time. Not going to have time tonight, off to the venue now! thanks...

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