Synth sound input to Izzy using MOTU interface?

  • Hi

    I want to have my external synth as a sound input on Isadora. I have been playing with the beta (for ElCap) of Soundflower. It works with say iTunes, but not with the synth. I see the synth input in the horizontal meter in the Izzy Input window, but the Sound Level Watcher never goes about 0.003 or so. Any advice? I'm using a MOTU ultra mkIII as a USB audio interface. Other specs in sig.

  • Excuse-me, I dont understand the question. Soundflower works for internal devices (like iTunes), not for external like your synth. It depend what you want to do with your sounds, analyse it to trigger effects? Put some effects on sound? its your synth signal good in another apps (like Logic or garage band)?

    With for infos, we could help you more efficiently.

  • If memory serves correctly, you'll need to make an aggregate device in System Preferences > AudioMidi Setup and select the MOTU inputs along with System outputs. Then make sure the aggregate device is selected in Izzy's Live Capture Settings > Sound Device. I think - been a while since I've needed to set it all up (!)

    (And blimey, you've been asking this question since 2013!)

  • Thanks Marci and all of you who took time to help me.  I discovered that for whatever reason, if my aggregate device uses the 1&2 inputs on the MOTU (in this unit an UltraLiteMk3, Mic 1 and Mic 2) then I can get my synth into sound level watcher. I was hoping to use the MOTU as a mini-mixer and have several inputs active. Not saying it can't be accomplished, just that I haven't had the time to get beyond my immediate needs.

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