Community section "custom user actors" and how to use "Find" option on community.

  • Dear developers, Dear Mark! I suggest to create separate section "custom user actors" here on community. This thread of forum will consist only user actors and it descriptions. At present, some users posts their useful actors in threads "how to", "general" and other. It is very uncomfortable to other users to find it. I think separated section with plain name "custom user actors" will be very usefull for all users of comunity. And of course, i'm ready to share some of my own actors there. By the way, sorry if I'm wrong, but as I understand "find" feature on community is only able to find something by the one word. When my search phrase consists more then one word, result will consist any messages, where at least one of these word appeared. But sometime i need to find messages, where all of my search words appeared(not one of words). How to define AND parameter in search? How to find threads by the "Tags"? Thanks!

  • Tech Staff


    This is something that has been needed for some time, and steps are being taken to make sharing user actors much easier.
    And yes, the forum search is not very good, I generally use google (advanced lets you enter the site to search). This works very well for me, but again, this is being worked on as well.... A little longer and we should start seeing these solutions.

  • Thanks for your idea to use site search on Google and other. I forget about this useful function. It could temporary replace find option here. On some site, I have seen find option, which momentary redirects to Google result with "site:" search option turned on. Maybe it would be good idea to use google search system and internal system on community. About new section: i think sharing of custom user actors will be very effective both for new users of Isadora(they could find sample how to build actors) and advanced users(they could discuss and improve their actors in community). A lot of basics functionality actors could be shared there. It just an idea for your team. Thanks!