Apple USB Audio Codec always switches to one channel input

  • I have just started using a new audio interface/mixer with Isadora that uses Apple USB Audio codec. Every few days the input channels for the codec are switched to mono/1 input, which then affects every sound software on my computer. When this first happened it took me hour to solve the problem by opening Audio MIDI setup and changing the input channel to 2. Every few days, however, it gets changed back to 1. Does anyone know what could be causing this problem? I don't think Isadora is causing this problem. The other sound softwares I often use are Reaper and Sound Flower. My OS is 10.6.8

    many thanks

  • What kind of interface this is? I have a feeling that the problem comes from the device and the codec you see on a list is just the name the mixer gives. Nothing to do with Apple or OS X(meaning it does not come from Apple).

    I have used many USB audio devices, some give the name of the unit some are just USB something. 
    So maybe yours defaults to 1 channel when power off?!

  • Yeah, I reckon it's the audio device itself. Can you give the specific make/model information of the device?