Eyes +color tracking+ column and row problem

  • Hi All !!

     Im working with 25 mp4 (a simple note sound and a picture). Each mp4 is a little part of a mayor picture. Simply the color tracking must trigger each mp4 when is in determinante place. 
    Im only using 1 Eyes actor. The Eyes actor is set  with 5 columns and 5 raws. I already did the maths with comparators and simultaine triggers. The problem I found is this: supose the obj. is in the cell 1-1 but then moves to 1-2 and  here is my problem the eyes see that the obj. moved to raw 2 but doesnt see the 1 of the column because already is there (is logic by the way) but for that reason doesnt send a trigger. I Know using 25 Eyes actor will work but its to consuming for the computer.
    I hope made my self clear. Any ideas are more than welcome
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    If you need both the row and column together, you could feed both into trigger values, and then trigger both trigger values from both outputs. This way when either changes both values will be triggered out.

  • Thanks Dusx ! Your idea is using 25 Eyes actors?

    Because if not, I think it wont work for the reason I explain above ( or try to explain). Sure Im not following you.
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    I guess @DusX meant something like this.

    Best Michel

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    @Michel Thanks.. that's exactly what I meant. The wording was a little confusing with all the triggering. That's what I get when writing replies on my phone. ;)

  • Yes yes !! It works.... Thanks Michel and Dusx !! Best, Maxi

  • I use a simultaneity actor to specify an area for tracking.  Connect the eyes as above to the column and row; specify the area you want using the inside range.