Wishlist post - Airplay / Raspberry Pi / AppleTV etc

  • Just throwing ideas around for pondering and postulation.

    The Raspberry Pi. A £35 PC capable of running linux, and a variant of XBMC (RaspBMC) which enables it's use as an Airplay target. Perfect little slave to hook straight up to a projector. Capable of playing 1080p HD content. AppleTV likewise.
    I guess my main point is Airplay Video / Mirroring support here. These days I run wirelessly for my development system. AirParrott on OSX (& PC for that matter) allows one to extend desktop to Airplay receivers (be they Rasp Pi, AppleTV, another system running Reflection) but Isadora doesn't see these as usable outputs for the stage - is there hope for this for the future? That said Isadora doesn't see the displayport output of my Macbook as a usable output either (*shrug* not delved into that one further yet) but that's a separate matter. Apple's native airplay feature within Mountain Lion only allows mirroring of the existing desktop, not extending onto the airplay target screenspace for a second desktop, hence the mention of AirParrot (and it's partner app, Reflection). 
    The ability to set up a multi stage isadora patch which can do all the outputs to projectors wirelessly using such an approach is rather mouth watering.

  • hmm... syphon?

  • Izzy Guru

    My only thought is that wireless video is not really there yet.

    many VJ's have talked about it on the VJ forums and unless you are willing to spend a lot of cash to hire in big machines (basically mini microwave links) then its just not really "performance ready."
    The cost of running a huge HDMI/VGA or Cat 5 cable is much cheaper rather than running expensive wireless video.
    The apple TV is great but meant for home/classroom use. 
    However I thought that Isadora did see the display ports as an output - there has been a full post on this thread about the macbook retina and display ports?