• Hi! :)

    I am trying out some things in order to be able to use isadora as an audio sampler, and I found out the following behavior. When attempting to reproduce repeatedly and regulary an audio sample with a sound player and an envelope generator, the result is rather irregular (https://goo.gl/cwtEzw)
    I though that perhaps this was too much for the sound player, so I did another test with several sound players that reproduce the same sampler, and a sequential trigger, finding the same irregularities (https://goo.gl/rBsswH)
  • Izzy Guru


    You do get better results putting the "general service task" value in the Izzy preferences to the highest value. Though you will not get totally satisfying results. The reason is that the generator actors (decay generator, envelope generator, pulse generator, wave generator) are not working in a separate thread and the faster your trigger is the more you get unpredictable results because Isadora will miss some while finishing other jobs.

    Since long I wished that timed triggers a more accurate.

    Best Michel

  • thanks for your prompt feedback Michel!

    can you extend a little bit the info about "working in a separate thread"? what does this mean?
    Also, the idea is to work with midi controllers. is the response of the system supposed to be more accurate when triggered by external midi rather than generator actors?
  • Izzy Guru


    With separate thread I mean Isadora does not support multithreading (it does now on Mac with the movie player) but not for the rest. Meaning if you have more than one cpu core only one will be used and the jobs are not spread over all cpu cores. Well this is my rough explanaition as I can explain it with my knowledge.

    I guess it will be the same with midi controllers, if the messages come in to fast they can get missed.

    Best Michel

  • Hello,

    I think Isadora is not the best suited for demanding task with sound, I recommend you to do it with Ableton Live, It interface easily with Isadora via midi and it's perfectly tooled for sampling.
    Isadora is the best tool for video and centralizing the different task for sound,light and mechanics, through Midi, OSC, serial and TCP/IP

  • Thanks Jacques. I use Ableton Live for everything audio related. There is a very specific reason I want to try out isadora as a sampler