Overlay varying output values over video

  • Hi, was wondering if there's a simple way to overlay (superimpose) text over an output video, where the text is actually a varying output? For instance, how to overlay in text the changing "position" value of the video, as it's playing? Is there a way to input this varying value into the "text" input of the "text draw" actor?

    cheers for any help, Mr J

  • Izzy Guru

    I think the number to text actor is what you need here :-)

    See image attached. 


  • Hello,

    I prefer to use the "text formater" actor, you can decide the length of the number ( P1:Z3.2 for 3 number left and 2 right)

  • cheers, i went with the 'number to text' actor... just what i was looking for