Playlist all media in media folder

  • Hi Guys
    I have done a media player. I can select video with the Bin Picker, it is cool ! But I want to add a new feature that I don't manage to do it. I would like to create a button to play all the media in the video folder (doing a sort of playlist). The fist media (of the playlist) will be the reading media (selected media) not necessarily the first media of the bin. I try many ways but nothing work for me. Help, I am in the dark !
    8f927e-capture-decran-2016-07-04-a-18.05.51.png def8a7-capture-decran-2016-07-04-a-18.08.46.png

  • Hello,

    You can use "get media count" and "get media index" and have a playlist in any bin you want.
    Just be careful to use "interactive" in optimize, there is a bug with loop end trigger with "performance" setting.


  • Izzy Guru

    Thanks @jhoepffner That's exactly how i'd do it also.

  • Thanks @jhoepffner, it work great. I add a gate on the loop end trigger to make my ON/OFF button. (the id control number 1 is my Bin Picker). I will include this patch in my final one.