Circular wrap effect slowing me down

  • Hi guys....

    i achieved the effect i'm going for using the attached's a bit crazy. i want it to be happening while other stuff happens over top of it (playing movies, etc...) but it's really slowing things down.....even when it's just this effect running, it sometimes lags and get choppy....
    i tried to figure out how to do the same thing and create it is a movie separately in Photoshop/After Effects, but i've been unable to figure out a similar circular wrap effect in those programs.
    i've tried both adding the other things (movie player/projectors) either to the same scene, and also in a different scene and having both activated simultaneously.
    i'm running all of this on a MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM and 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 processor. 
    any ideas on how i can achieve this effect and get better smoother performance with it?
    thanks a lot

    3027f8-cloud-cluster-1-10_04.png d8a6fc-raha-circular-wrap.izz

  • Tech Staff

    I tried it on my MacBook Pro and don't have stutters or lags. But I cleaned up the patch a bit only one picture player and deleted every second envelope generator that did the same. Maybe this helps a bit. it's the second scene.
    What you can do is record the output of Isadora with the renderspeed of 50% and then use that generated movie as source instead. You find all record settings in the output menu of Isadora.