Search an AU Plugin to delay without echo.

  • Hi

    I got an audio flux in capture through Soundflower.
    I wanna be able to delay this audio for a specified (and variable) amount of time ( from 0 to 2 seconds)
    The AUdelay does it but... it echoes the main audio flux on himself.
    Basically my audio flux should be stopped for the amount of time.
    Could you help me to find that AUdelay.

  • As usually I've succeed as soon as I've post there. Just has to sequentially link a bunch of AuSampleDelay Actor.

    Each of them give me a 0.1s delay ( on a 44.1 KhZ audio) so by sequencing 100 of them I can succeed in a 10s delay.
    Cool and have an nice day

  • Hello,

    100 times a delay!
    Why you dont try to use Puredata, its easy to manage a variable delay and its free, I think Isadora is not the best tool for delaying a sound, it's so easy to command Puredata from Isadora via Midi or OSC and you can send sound from Isadora via soundflower.
    You can find easily sample of how to do it.