Random thoughts about... Randomness

  • One topic that always comes back to me while creating Isadora patches is how to deal with Randomness. Different methods produce different results. Using Wave Generator or Pulse Generator + Random. Trying broader or smaller number intervals. Converting a result to float before or after remapping its range. Etc. I would love to have conversations with people that are also interested on methods of generating random numbers, and how factors that would not seem to mind sometimes completely changes a patch ;)

    On a more operational level, wondering if there is a better method to create "split screen" sequences the the one I adopted on this patch (ref. print screen below). I am passing all the Video Inputs through a User Actor that Mixes pairs of related content / uses the Zoomer actor to change its size and properly positions then.
    PS. on those TO DO LISTS that we maybe never really DO, but I found this [very nice PDF](http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-450-principles-of-digital-communications-i-fall-2006/lecture-notes/book_7.pdf) further discussing random processes, as part of Lizhong Zheng and Robert Gallager's MIT's Open Courseware on Principles of Digital Communication.