Format of Web Interface to easily Receive/Send Information

  • Hi All,

    So a bit of a tricky question and a lengthy one.  I'm creating a web interface for a show, the audience interacts with it and can send us a few things, being hopefully text, pictures, and even maybe audio.  In turn I'm also looking to potentially send to the audience text, images, and even maybe audio.  I know there's been some solutions for retrieving text from sites and images (most solutions seem RSS oriented, which seems lacking flexibility), but what would be a solid approach to retrieving these types of information?  The answer might be that it's a few different things worked into one, and if you have any services or 3rd party things you recommend for any of the three things (text, photo or audio) please let me know!

  • Please clarify by what you mean in "send to the audience text, images, and even maybe audio". Is it a smartphones that you will be sending this info too?

    FYI: I am working on an ios app that receives info from a single server. Currently, I am able to send the text from Isadora (using OSC). As is needed by a given show, I intend to "send" pictures videos, audio etc. to the same app on an Isadora cue.

  • I'd be super interested to see how your app is working.  The idea is yes the info is showing up on smartphones or mobile devices, I was thinking a web interface would be easier because it would be more cross compatible between devices.

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    Creating a rest api that returns json is my approach. The images and audio are difficult and limited is scope. You may be able to write over a file and have it load to a new scene. This is the approach I have used. As for getting the data from the audience you have countless web dev options. Sms interfaces etc..

  • @ibmcclain please DM your Apple email ID, and I'll put you on the beta-testers list, when the app is in Itunes (in a week or so -- it will only allow displaying text pushed from Isadora). Web interface may have its merits, especially if the amount of data is light. If you start pushing videos, sounds, want to use cameras, phone's speaker, gyroscope etc, native app becomes a more viable option, since it allows preloading all content before the show. Also, think about augmented reality –– I think in this case native app becomes the only option at this point in time.