How to unistall isadora 2.2.2

  • hello

    i did a try with the last isadora version (2.2.2), and then i erased it the folder from the application folder.  When I install isadora 1.31f06, it reinstall isadora 2.2.2\. how can I install isadora 131f06 again?
    i'm using an imac with 10.10.5

  • Rename the folder to something like Isadora v2 and then install the older version.

  • i did it... it doesn't work... does someone has the same problem? other tricks?

  • Beta Platinum

    Never had this problem and I do it all the time. As a beta tester I have many versions going all at the same time.

    Delete folder, empty trash can, maybe restart machine and try re-downloading the installer. 
    If the problem still happens then there must be a very unique issue occurring here.
    Please report back :)