• Hi,

    I used record stage to record a live show but at the end, I closed Isadora forgetting to stop the recording and no trace of any record, even incomplete ! I try to recover something searching with disk rescue software but nothing ! It was about an hour long so it must be quiet big file. Having a message when closing Isadora saying there's a recording would have been so great ! Now I can imagine it's too late but if someone has a magic way of getting back something that it seems not to exist would be nice.
  • Izzy Guru


    I don't think there is any way to get your movie back. Isadora writes a temporary file to the disk while recording and only finalizes it when you stop the recording. If you quit Isadora this file disapears from your disk. Maybe someone else has an idea, but I think it's lost. Sorry for no better information. And its true a warning when quiting Isadora that there is a recording going on would be important. Please file a feature request so we don't loose track of it.

    Best Michel

  • Hi Michel, thanks for your message. I'm afraid you're right and I just have to do the show again… It'll be better next time !

    thanks, I'l do feature request.
    Best, Samuel
  • Izzy Guru

    This would be a nice feature actually.