HELP? How to add a text track to a quicktime without the subtitles being shown in the video output?

  • Tech Staff

    I am having trouble getting subtitles into my MOV files.

    Once added I get access to the text track for use in Isadora, as I would like, but the subtitles are also included in the video stream. Anyone know how to disable the viewing of the text track??

  • Hello,

    My solution is
     open the movie in QuickTime player 7 pro
    – open window/properties (my computer is french fluent, I am not sure of the english denomination)
    – choose the video track
    – choose "visual setting"
    – increase the layer index
    Normal it works (but I dont use text track anymore…)
  • Tech Staff

    This is great! Thank-you. I had a suspicion you would be the one with an answer.