Kinect_OSC skeleton -> Isadora 3D_Line actor skeleton ++

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    If you are looking to move Kinect Xbox360 OSC skeleton data into Isadora you can access a patch here use allowed by Creative Commons BY SA (attribute & share alike).

    The Isadora patch attached to this post has been developed to interface with NI mate and it is easy to set-up with the free version [NI mate]( 2.12\. The Isadora patch applies NI mate OSC stream to a 3D Line actor skeleton. ++ It also transfers Kinect motion capture to 3D objects at joints and mid-point of bones. You will have to replace the 3D bin & image assets with your own/other 3ds files.

    The orientation is reversed for some parameters due to show conditions for the original patch. 
    A sound listener increases the 'inflation' (scale) of the 3d objects incrementally until they reach a size limit and then wrap to 1 (1 - 500 in original patch) -bubble body bursts revealing the slender scale of the skeleton. Of course you can ignore that bit of the patch or turn it off.
    Ni_Mate 2.12, Isadora 2.2.2, Kinect Xbox360 model 1414 compatibility with USB3 on MacOS 10.11.5\. The patch has been tested on MBP OSX 10.11.4 and 10.10.5 with USB2 bus. 


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    The attached patch file has been updated to Isadora 2.6.1 and NiMate 2.14 Free using the OSCeleton setting in Skeleton tracking properties.

    best wishes