OSC Multicasting directly from Isadora

  • What is the current state on OSC multicasting from Isadora's actors? I have read somewhere on this forum, that a few years ago multicasting required a fix in Isadora. Is current Isadora version capable of OSC multicasting?

    So far I am able to send osc to my iphone using iphone's ip address in the OSC Multi Transmit actor.
    If I set instead of the actual ip address in the OSC Multi Transmit actor, my iphone app stops receiving the messages.
    Isadora monitor shows the OSC messages going out for both direct IP and multicast cases.
    This is on OS X 10.11.4, Isadora 2.2.2 

  • Answering my own question about multicast. I tried using on my home computer, and see my messages sent to two different devices successfully. I think I had multicasting disabled on the office network I was testing this earlier.

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    was that a router setting?

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    any details? Did you need to set any non default router settings?

  • @bonemap and @DusX : At home I did not have to do anything on my router, which is airport express.

    In the office though, I don't have access to the router settings, unfortunately.