OSC Titles IOS app beta testers wanted

  • Apple just approved my MVP (minimal viable product)  version of the OSC Titles (working title) app for testing.

    This IOS app will display text sent from Isadora via OSC. 
    If you would like to beta-test it, please DM me your apple ID email.


  • Hi Eight !

    I don't know if you're still looking for beta testers but i'd be happy to be one of them !
    My email : nerkazon@gmail.com

  • @MABO: I have added you to the beta testers list (you should receive an email from Apple, please check your spam folder, where they usually end up) –– to get the bleeding edge builds.

    The stable builds are available at the app [store](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/augmented-theatre/id1135946050?mt=8) .

  • Hello, I am interested to be beta tester, but how do you manage with non ASCII characters? (like éùàçè) In the OSC norm, it's only ASCII.


  • @jhoepffner I added you to the beta testers list. You will get two emails from Apple, one soon, and another when the current build is approved for testing. They usually go directly to spam folder, so please check there.

    OSC flavor I am using in the app supports UTF-8, as well as recent Isadora. An example of subtitle system with some UTF-8 characters is available in the Isadora patch download linked [here](http://onewaytheater.us/augmentedtheatre) 

  • Thank you @eight.

    Unfortunately i'll have to wait for my new Iphone, I currently own an Iphone 5... not compatible!!
    I keep you in touch as soon as I've experienced your app.

  • sign me up f at houseofnorth.de

  • @MABO –– what iOS system you have on that iphone 5. It should work if you have iOS 9.2 and above.

    @fubbi –– that email address has to be an apple id, which is not (according to apple).

  • ok so holbylarsen at gmail.com thats my registered developer adress

  • Hello,

    I had iOs 9.3, it say it cannot run. I upgrade to 10.0.2, same answer and now: no iOS Builds available…

  • @jhoepffner can you delete it off your device, and get a new version from the app store (it was published an hour ago), and send me the screenshots? It seems there is an issue on the Apple side, started after release of ios 10.0.1 –– I wanna hit them with this. 

    Everything works on my phone though with 10.0.2

  • @jhoepffner Just realized you are talking about beta builds –– yes the current beta build is in the Beta Review –– should be available in couple of days.


  • "impossible de télécharger, cette application n'est pas compatible avec votre appareil"

    impossible to download, this app i not compatible with your device

  • @jhoepffner Now, this is about the App Store version? Could you send me the screen shot –– that's what Apple requires.


  • here it is fd5f56-img_2298.jpg

  • @jhoepffner Thanks a lot. I found the problem and the fix is in the Beta Review. Should be availble in couple days. 

  • @jhoepffner You should be able to test v1.9.21 which contains the said fix.