• Dear all,
    I am working on a new project which using RS485 to control motors.
    How can I send RS485 text signal to motor by isadora?
    for example, this commend string is for motor A to 64000 position, so we have two parameter.
    # and PM is fixed commend, so how can we send this commend by RS485
    Thank you for the answer!
    Huang Yi

    b5df8d-screen-shot-2016-07-22-at-3.31.53-pm.png 4b83da-fullsizerender.jpg

  • Tech Staff

    Does it show in the Serial Port Set up window? 5fbcfc-screen-shot-2016-07-25-at-10.20.42.png

  • Yes, I already setup the device.

    There was a engineer who help me to setup, and he also download a serial app to test, make sure the same computer and way of connection can sent same commened string to the motor, and it works, then we turn off the app, reset the setup( set device with Isadora) back to Isadora, but it didn't work.
    Is there any step I missing?
    Thank you!

  • I attached the document so you can check the setting.

    I tried both setting of commend
    "APM64000" or just APM64000, all the same, has no respond.
    The app I used for the connection testing that I mentioned before is "SerialTools".

  • Hi huangyi,

    i made an izzy file for you, perhaps this helps you setting it up
    greetings from berlin


  • Tech Staff

    Very kind thank you @m_theater 

  • Wow... it looks more complex then what I thought.

    Will do the testing these days!
    Thanks to all your help! Will update the process!
    Huang Yi

  • @huangyi

    i couldn't find any information of your servo driver, so i really just made a guess
    i will be at the isadora werkstatt this days together with a lot of specialists
    let us now how if it is working, 
    if you would like to jump to fixed positions the patch could be a bit easier, 
    but this one gives you the possibility to combine the servo and a changing value into a string
    best from berlin

  • Dear all,

    Thanks to all your help! It works!

    We changed some code inside of actor, the motor we use can't take 6 number (000001-999999), so just deleted the :Z6 to let the number can change from (0-999999).

    Thank you so much!

  • @huangyi

    great that it worked out, inspired by ryan's js class i build another patch, just to practice some java script
    you can limit the max range dynamically and it only triggers when the position value changes, so you can change to another servo and / or limit send the specific value and only this servo will change …
    greetings from berlin


  • Tech Staff


  • Tech Staff

    Great to her that as a community you/we solved this. Great work!

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