GLSL Shader Actor Tutorial

  • Dear All,

    For any of you trying out the new GLSL Shader Actor, here's the HTML file with a tutorial. We don't have it on the site yet but just open the attached file in your browser.
    Best Wishes,

  • Didn't see any mention of timescale for 2.5 release with the glsl shader actor - any news on that for those of us not at the werkstatt ;)

  • Hi @Mark

    Very keen to tryout the GLSL Shader actor. The option to input parameters into the live code is brilliant and a big point of difference from other renderers as far as I can see. 
    Congratulations to the team for reaching another milestone and best wishes for the workshop intensives.

  • Hi Mark, where i can find the GLSL Shader actor ? Great show on the Opening Keynote !!

  • ... just to let you know, there's a typo in the tutorial which might briefly confuse someone:

    Navigate to the following folder:

    Mac OS: /Library/Application\ Support/TroikaTronix

    should be:

    Mac OS: /Library/Application Support/TroikaTronix



  • Hi all !! The new version is available ? Or not yet Best, Maxi

  • I am guessing that it has only been released to the folks at the Workshop . . . though I would LOVE to be proven wrong.


  • Hi Mark, 

    I remember from the workshop, that the GLSL tutorial worked like a charm. I have been trying to repeat the example with the clouds and run into a funny issue under tutorial 2:  

    I can copy and paste the code. I even manage to see the new actor input in the background to hook up the texture for iChannel0... but I can not close the shader window without the editor compiling the code and complaining about the missing texture. If I cancel, the shader returns to the last working code. What do I do wrong? Best regards, Thomas

  • Tech Staff


    on line14 change textureLod to texture2D.

  • @Michel

    Hi Michel, thanks a lot. That worked. ;o). May I also ask why? Has the syntax changed or is it something I am not aware of?

  • Tech Staff

    Where did you find the incorrect code? I am looking to update it, but can't find the reference.

  • @DusX

    It's in the Clouds (by iq) shader code referenced in part 2 of Mark's GLSL Shader Tutorial

  • @mark

    None of the image links in this tutorial are working. Maybe with your website redesign this little detail was missed?

  • Tech Staff


    To be honest I don't know. For another shader code I googled a similar error and there they said replace textureLog, or so,  with texture2D. 

    Best Michel

  • @jtoenjes :

    Regarding the links: I just fixed the links to tex11, tex12, tex15 and tex16. ShaderToy hid these textures under names that change all the time, so I had to create these four and remove the links to the other ones.

    Best Wishes,

  • @mark


  • Hi folks, thanks a lot for your help! Looking forward seeing you hopefully at the werkstatt 2017!

  • @mark Has a new tutorial been made available anywhere yet? I am just playing with the GLSL Shader and the images are not working and neither is the link under tutorial 2. I am unfamiliar with code so am having issues troubleshooting some of the things I've not been able to find answers to in the forum. Thanks!

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