Pay Me Actor (werkstatt Quick & Dirty)

  • Hi,

    Some people asked me for the "Pay me actor" I showed during "Quick and Dirty"
    Attached is the file with two examples.
    Some information for who wasn't there:
    Sometimes I make a patch for small projects that will only play for a short time. I do this almost for free.
    But one time somebody started touring without telling me. 
    After this experience I added a "Pay me actor" to all the projects I almost don't get payed for.
    I use a hidden actor or i save as read only with a password.
    This hidden actor will show a text on all the screens and will only appear after a time I chose. (I chose the month after the show).
    Groeten Gertjan


  • Each with their own. I would never do such thing.

  • I also rarely do it. I think I used it once last year for somebody who asked a demo to try if a projection was possible. And to be sure they wouldn't use it in the final product without noticing me I added the text.

    When I have a good contact and its a nice project I would never do this.
    Only when I know there is a possibility they will screw me over.

  • That's such a smart strategy to protect your intellectual rights. I mean, they shouldn't of see the text if they actually followed what they promised, right? ;) it's more like one of those better safe than sorry things. Thank you for sharing it!

  • Tech Staff

    Also, sure you know this @GertjanB, but if you save the patch as 'Run Only' and save it showing just the interface then there is no way a person could access the patch and hide it.

  • Tech Staff


    Thanks, I see you have added the crash actor :-). Maybe I would write Isadora will close in ....seconds and not crash in .....seconds.

    Best Michel

  • That's indeed better, but won't they get a crash report? maybe a close down actor would be something interesting. Or is that already possible?
    Or you can hide the stages every few seconds.

  • Tech Staff

    You could hide the stages - look at the show and hide stages actor.

  • Tech Staff

    @GertjanB @Skulpture

    Yes there will be a crash report but the writing close would be a bit nicer the crash :-).

    The hide stages actor would also be a clever solution, with a pulse generator that triggers hide stages every second incase they toggle "show hide stages" by hand.

    Best Michel