Input and Output from Izzy Map

  • Hi All ! I hope not be the only one with this doubt. I still dont complety understand the differents uses with the Input and the Output. If I do all the masking and mapping in the output, is not the same? Which si the correct use for both instance? Thank you all Best, Maxi

  • Izzy Guru


    This is what it says in the tutorial section on the troikatronix website: The mapper works on two principles. The input window slices up the video to create masks. And the output is where you actually map and distort the image before it is sent to the projector – the final output.

    And here is a Tutorial using both input and output:

    Does this help?

    Best Michel

  • Izzy Guru

    This is a difficult one to answer. It sort of depends on what your mapping and how you approach it.

    In *very* short detail, most people tend to slice the video up into parts, especially if its custom content and then use the output part to warp it. 
    But if you are trying to map a standard VJ loop to a box people often just use one big slice in the input and then just warp it to fit the shape(s) in the output. 

  • Thanks Michel !

    Ive already did the tutoríal when it first  came.
    And thanks Skulpture too ! My doubts are related with your answer: "the way you approach it" as you say. I found that sometimes you came to the same result using the Input first then the Output, or just using the Output only.
  • Tech Staff

    In the input you select the region of video you wish to use.

    In the output you use it.
    The composite layer type is a great example, and usually takes users a little while to get used to.
    You create in the input your entire shape/selection. (made of many elements)
    Then in the output you place/distort the shape/selection.

  • Thanks DusX !!