Converting RGBA color palette to 8bit

  • I am trying to make a full screen sequence which runs through exactly 256 colours using the 8bit color palette.

    The only way I see this working is to trigger a string of values for each color to the relevant inputs of the colormaker RGBA.
    for the RGBA actor this would mean sending a value to each of the red value/green value/blue value and alpha successively to achieve one single color.
    Seems like a lengthy workaround, would anybody know of an easier route for me to try out?

  • Dear Jaygo,

    Well, the "8bit color palette" could be any particular order, so that term – in of itself – doesn't really explain the pattern or order of colors you want.
    However, what you could do is to make a picture of that color palette (i.e., and 8x8 grid of color swatches) and then use the counter actor, in tandem with the calculator using divide and modulo, to select an area within that picture using the Chopper actor. The output is the block of color, rotating through the items in the source picture.
    I've attached an example for a 16x4 pallette. Pay close attention to the scaling!!!! Click on the outputs to see where I've limited the range between 0-15 and 0-3\. You'll need to do something similar when you get the 8x8 version. (Or else organize it as 16x8... then the reprogramming won't be so complicated.)
    Best Wishes,

    9caba1-palette_ntsc.png 2b3527-cycle-color.izz

  • Hi Mark.

    Thanks for sharing this example, such a clever use of the chopper to select specified areas of an image in order to produce a color value, to advance this I will take your suggestion and work with a 16x 8 palette for my test.
    The only part of the math that I am not entirely clear on is how the upscaling of the image to 1024X128 px rather than the original 512X128px to compensate for the 50% more color swatches, will affect the chopper horz/vert ctr limited ranges? If I am to double the width of my image I assume the horz ctr will change according too.. I'll play around with it today and feedback my results to the forum.
    Thanks again,