Multi Channel Audio on Windows

  • I am setting up a 4D theatre using stacked projectors and DMX controlled special effects. I understand from reading the forum and the manual that multi channel sound is possible. My Isadora shows that "this feature is not supported in windows yet". Without surround sound playback of films, this leaves me dead in the water.

    I have read that using Quicktime PRO a video can be sent to surround channels thru a USB sound interface. Is this accurate? Am I going about this the wrong way? What would the best USB interface be if this does work?

    Thanks in advance!

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    On Windows, you are tied to the audio playback capabilities of Quicktime.

    I believe if your video files have surround channels setup and the audio settings in QuickTime (open Quicktime and edit preferences) are set correctly, that any video played using the QT playback engine (set via the 'optimize' input setting of the movie player, and displayed in the 'pb engine' output of the movie player) should route the surround correctly.
    You can test your files simply by playing them in the QuickTime player. If the audio is working there, it should work the same within Isadora.
    @mark please correct me if I am wrong. I don't do much with embedded audio.

  • Ha! Now you're asking a difficult question....

    @DusX is your man: he instructed me in a way to use Isadora's Midi controls to interact with Cubase. It wasn't so difficult to set up. So it's conceivable that you could run visuals through Isadora and audio through a DAW like Cubase or Ableton Live.

    I don't know about QT Pro, and it's certainly not a sustainable long-term solution now that it's been deprecated.

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  • @mstuart  and all,

    Just to add it here: we have committed to implementing Windows multi-channel audio by the end of the year, as well as removing any references to QuickTime from the Windows version. Thank you for your patience and for working around this limitation in the meantime.
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