• if so I would like to ask for

    Trigger out for Audio Actor - when the file end it sends out a trigger like on the video player

    Fade in and fade out on Audio actor - so you can switch between audio players with out it being cut and start, but cross faded between..

  • @Michel yes sorry, I moved it.

  • Izzy Guru


    I guess you wanted to post this in the Infrared absorbtion thread.

    Best Michel

  • Izzy Guru


    In general the wishlist section would be to fill out the feature and bug form on the website, see link in my signature below.

    If you convert your sound files to .mp3 or .m4a you can play them in the movie player and then use the end trigger.

    If you place the two sound player actors each in a separate scene you can cross fade between them.

    If you want to keep them in the same scene you can use a envelope generator that fades in and out the volume.

    Best Michel

  • [@Fred](/troikatronixforum/profile/Fred) 
    Can you point me to where the wish list thread has moved too, would I be right in thinking this is now under Features?
    Michel's post has reminded me of some welcome requests thats resulted out of the Bang the FX workshop.