Feature Request: Recording Actions

  • One request from our recent Bang the FX workshop was the wish to have a record action function, that could capture any activity coming into the Isadora scene and on request, play this activity back. We were predominantly thinking 'midi', but I am certain this could as easily be implemented for other inputs, e.g. keyboard/mouse etc..

    This would be really useful for perfecting live performance technique and also for automaton when izzy artists are not budgeted into being out on the road with each act..
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    I can see this being a rather fun feature.. and opening up some creative processes.

    Please be sure to post this and any other feature requests via the support form. (in my signature)
    This way I will have easy access to it, and can ensure it is added to the feature list that we work from.

  • I'd love this feature too for recording a performance and then rendering it after the fact, but slower so there are no frame skips etc. I know Modul8 has this feature.. "logical record" I think.

  • Izzy Guru

    This may not be relevant but you can do this with Automator on Mac and I've heard of similar for Windows (but don't know the names sorry!)

  • You could also do this using Duration, QLab, Live, etc or any other app which can send MIDI and / or OSC messages but it implies... using another app of course. For me, this feature would also require some editing possibilities, so the use of a timeline, and so seems a bit outside of the Isadora's general idea. That's why I talk about an external app with such tools.

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    @Graham just saw your new signature ))

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    @crystalhorizon indeed :)

  • OT @Skulpture wellcome to the dark side!!! ;-)

    IT I vote to have this feature!!!! through this kind of actor I can set up the show during reharsals without performers in the way!!!
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    lol thanks @Maximortal :) 

  • i would also love to see this feature. Have been using a basic loop setup (recording the stage output with an end trigger which jumps the video number to the new recording) but this results in loss of quality so this feature would be perfect.