Help! Error with Picture Player when capturing DV

  • When capturing DV to disk in a scene where there is a Picture Player active, I am getting an error... the movie does capture, but when stopping capture an error message appears relating to the picture player and m_buffer... If I remove the picture player, there is no error. Of course, this is very little detail, and I will only be at the site again later. Will send more detail on the error then, if I can get internet. This has not happened before, I think it is since upgrading to the latest version from the pre-release. Any advice appreciated, will update details when possible. (showtime in 7 hours forĀ

  • Depending on picture format, you can "trick" quicktime. Rename your picture as .mov It appears in isadora as a video read it with a movie player instead of picture player. Is it still crashing?

  • Wow, I will try that!! not at the venue now, and there is no internet there. If this works, I owe you a drink.