• I created a User Actor for an operator to trigger quick sound hits with a UC-33 mixer.  It has three inputs - and each input is connected to the "Start" property in the Sound Player.  The triggering works fine, but I randomly get a burst of static when the sound is triggered.  The audio is clean (no static exists if the sound is played in QT player) - and the static does not happen every time.  I am running aiff files at 44.1 - and there is a bit of video also running in the scene.

    Does the sound somehow need to be preloaded?  Perhaps it would work better if I made QT movies with sound only?  Has anyone else ever experienced this...
    I recently upgraded to 0f24 but had the same problem in 0f17\. The project has been run on multiple machines (towers and laptops) - and this problem seems to happen on all computers.
    Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • I think this was addressed in f25. I had this problem with short clips like drum sounds but it has been flawless now.

    here it is