GLSL Shader - No Matching Function Call

  • Hi there,

    I am very new to the world of GLSL shaders - but I'm hoping for some guidance on getting one of the Shader Toy shaders to work in Isadora.
    Specifically this one:
    I am unable to post the code here directly as, apparently as it makes my the body of the text "23363 characters too long."
    When I try to run this in Isadora I get the following error:

    FRAG ERROR: 0:186: No matching function for call to textureCube(sampler2D, vec3)

    FRAG ERROR: 0:199: No matching function for call to textureCube(sampler2D, vec3)

    FRAG ERROR: 0:206: No matching function for call to textureCube(sampler2D, vec3)

    I have noticed that a number of similar patches to this one throw up the same error so it would be nice to find a way to address . . .  it seems - to my ignorant eyes - that it seems to come and go along with the use of one of Shadertoy's built in images/materials - specifically the background image that provides the environment surrounding the animated geometry globbing about. 
    For instance this error does not come up on this link - a very similar shader (again to my novice assessment) found here:  . . . 
    This connection may be  red herring for all I know. . . 
    Regardless, any guidance is appreciated.

  • Dear Alex,

    OK, this is some kind of bug in Isadora's attempt to interpret the ShaderToy code. I've filed a bug report on your behalf and I'll look into it.
    Best Wishes,

  • Thank you!!!! I'm loving this new feature! I just have to get up on it enough to introduce it to my students in the next few weeks.

  • @Aolis,

    Very happy to hear that you like it. ;-)
    Please report back at some point on how it goes when you start teaching students. I am very curious how something as complex as the GLSL shader code is received by them, and to hear about any pitfalls you encounter as you try to share this knowledge.
    Best Wishes,

  • I will!

    Best Wishes for you too,