Art-Net: Please Share Your Expertise – What Features Do You Need In Isadora?

  • @bonemap and @Mark,

    UDP actors would also be a great feature in Isadora for me, I made a feature request for this around february or march. Great that there's others who would need this.

    Best wishes,

  • Tech Staff

    I maintain a collection of feature requests.

    If you enter it via the support form, it is recorded for team review.
    I also do my best to record any new requests posted to the forum.

  • @mark I've been working for a designer recently doing a lot of ancillary work to the main Izzy work. What we'd like to see is the ability to share an Izzy project between two systems.  For example, one person could create a new scene while an asst. cleans up the previous work, or populates MIDI queues as a rehearsal is going along, etc.  We don't see any ability to simultaneously work on a project or how it would be shared.

  • +1 for this feature. I'm currently working on a patch where I cannot connect directly to the machine running Isadora. A multi user session would be ideal as using a remote desktop client is not ideal and some feature don't seem to work correctly. E.G midi devices not showing.