[SOLVED] Windows screen + resolution recognition

  • @keftaparty & @mark_m

    One question about this: I assume you are using laptops with high resolution screens, e.g., like the retina display on the Mac Book Pros. Yes? I guess you wouldn't need to enable the 150% text scaling if that wasn't true, but please verify. If you _are_ using laptops, then how are you attaching two displays to them? Is that just a feature of the laptop you have? (Sadly, I the laptop on which I will test does not have that capability.)
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  • Hi Mark,

    I think any NVidia GPU from 7xxm series support 3 screens.
    Most of the time, the laptop's screen + 2 external screens.
    I don't know AMD mobile GPUs
    I have been wondering if this could be an optimus related thing, but :
    I am having this issue not only on my laptop.
    I have a workstation with a 4k screen + a 2560x1440 screen, GPU is gtx1080, I'm getting the same issue.
    So no optimus...

  • Hi Mark @mark On the laptop in my signature it is a high-res screen, retina-like but with 4K (UHD) resolution of 3840 X 2160. I am outputting screen/stage 1 via the laptop's HDMI port to a 1440 X 1050 projector, and screen/stage 2 via HDMI connected to a second 1400 X 1050 projector via the laptop's thunderbolt port and a thunderbolt to HDMI adaptor. If I can help further, or you'd like to remote connect to share my screen, just drop me a PM. Thanks Mark

  • on my home machine.. I have a Nvidia GTX970 both display (monitors) show properly at 1920x1200

    on the machine at church, it has a Nvidia GTX750ti

    one monitor at 1920x1080p  one 1280x720p projector one 1920x1200p projector.. the 1920x1200p

    windows 10.. latest nvidia driver.. no scaling..

  • Dear @keftaparty, @mark_m,

    Thank you for these details. One further question: are you scaling on the main monitor (the 4K/UHD) screen and not on the other displays? Or some combination of scaling on and scaling off the various displays?
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  • @mark, scaling only on the main monitor. It's at 100% on the other displays. HTH, Mark

  • @mark_m - yes that helps. I think that's the source of the issue.

  • Hi @mark ,

    The problem occurs when the scaling is on any monitor ( not only the main one).
    But ! If applying the same scaling on both monitors, the problem gets "solved".
    I actually have :
    1 x main monitor 4k that "needs" 150% scaling
    1 x second monitor QHD that "needs" 100% scaling
    the second monitor is the "stage"
    If I scale the second monitor to 150%, witch makes it not comfortable for desktop use, but anyway the goal is to use it as a stage, then isadora is fine, seeing it at the good resolution.
    that's my 2 cents tryout of this afternoon...

  • Dear All,

    @keftaparty and @mark_m report that the new beta (2.4.5b04) solves this resolution issue. Please download the update from 
    Best Wishes,

  • Its' fixed for me.. i have full HD 1920x1200 going!!! thanks Mark..