• Dear All,

    I've just uploaded v2.4.5b04 of Isadora for Mac and Windows. You can get it on this page
    Some of the fixes include
    • Fixed a serious bug on Windows 10 when individual displays were set to different scaling values
    • Fixed a serious bug on Windows where scrolling a Control Panel with an Edit Text control would crash
    • Drastically reduced the delays experienced when pasting GLSL code into the editor on Mac OS. (This was especially notable with long chunks of code, and has to do with the automatic colorization of the text.)
    • Fixed a bug where the drop-frame flag of Midi Time Code was incorrectly interpreted. (It was showing DF timecode as non-DF and vice-versa.)
    • Changed the behavior of the import files function: now, the imported media items are not selected after import, making it easier to select individual items.
    Best Wishes,