[SOLVED] Izzymap - unexpected behaviour

  • Hello,

    I was making stuff with IzzyMap yesterday and it didn't respond how I expected, so maybe there's a bug, or maybe I'm using it wrong.
    I set up a Composite slice - a circle - to mask the video playing down to just the circle (as if there was a followspot shining on stage)
    We wanted the fake followspot to pan with the recorded action as the dancers move across the screen, mimicking the action of a moving followspot.
    I published the X Offset of the whole slice from the Input screen, expecting the mask to shift left and right, in front of the image, but when tweaking this, it moved the circle _and_ the image as if I had published the X Offset of the Output slice.
    (in the end I achieved the effect with a Shapes/Alpha Mask instead of IzzyMap)
    Am I making sense? If not, i'll try and recreate it and send some more details...
    All the best,

  • Tech Staff


    You can only publish outputs currently. Please submit this as a feature request (see link in my signature).
    To do similar, I suggest using a shapes actor and add the circle created by it as the alpha to your video.
    Then you can control its placement via the shapes actor.
    Hope this helps.


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