• Could people check something out for me please?

    I use [Sigmasix Syphoner ](http://www.sigmasix.ch/syphoner/) v1.4 to get moving images from Chrome into Isadora, but it keeps hanging. It seems to be OK, but after a few minutes, the patch cord out of the Syphon Receiver goes red and the image freezes. I then have to bring the Syphoner window to the front again to get the syphon stream to refresh.
    Does anybody have any ideas why this is happening or how to prevent it?
    (OSX 10.11.6)

  • @dbini

    I try with my system (Syphoned 1.3, OS X 10.10.5, Izz 2.5), I have also freezes but if I am in "lock mode", without image in Syphoner, everything works well.
    Perhaps can you try that.

  • Thanks Jacques. I think i'll bypass the problem by using CefWithSyphon and ScreenCaptureSyphon instead (I need two instances simultaneously) (I had forgotten that ScreenCaptureSyphon will output a Syphon stream)

  • Izzy Guru


    Just tried it myself with Syphoner 1.4 and Safari and after 10 minutes still everything ok. How long did you have to wait?
    Best Michel

  • If the source screen is out of view (hidden by other windows), OS X will put it into sleep by default. Solutions: 1) keep the source window visible 2) run a command in the terminal to stop this behaviour system wide. Google for exact semantics of the command.


  • @Michel - with the Syphoner and Chrome windows behind the Izzy window it ran for about 3 minutes before sleeping.

    & @eight - thanks for the advice - I suspected there would be a script-type-solution.
    I don't have screenspace for keeping the source on top (i'm running Izzy, 2 web sources, Ableton Live and MyoMapper at the same time) - but I continued to test with Cef and SCS and they run smoothly forever.

  • The exact command I used couple of years ago, which worked was:

    _defaults write com.example.MyGreatApplication NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true_

  • Yay, forums! Was just starting to bang my head against this issue.

  • Hi,

    since El Capitan, there is no more app nap checkbox for Syphoner and the command
    defaults write NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES
    defaults write com.example.MyGreatApplication NSAppSleepDisabled -bool true
    doesnt work any longer,
    Is there another way ?

  • another solution is to use ScreenCaptureSyphon, it's 10$ but working when hidden behind Isaora's window.