• Request: a way to consolidate all the files in a project in order to move that project to another computer.
    I'm not always the most organised of people in my media management, and I can often find that I have assets in a project scattered across the computer and its drives.
    Programs like InDesign allow you to collect files for output, ie to put all the files in use in one project into one folder that you specify. InDesign then adjusts the links accordingly, so you can easily move that project to another computer for, say, running an installation, or handing off to a stage manager who'll be running the show.

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    This idea came up already a few times. But please read this thread what problems could occur: http://troikatronix.com/troikatronixforum/discussion/1907/req-collect-project-with-files
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  • I came across this and made it simple. A folder per project. All media goes in that projects folder. Want it on another computer, copy the folder. Sure it uses more hard drive space but it's very organized.

  • Am I right in thinking that Isadora will automatically look in the sub folders below where the .izz file is stored for any media it can't find where originally referenced?

    If that's the case then would it be possible for Isadora to create a copy of the .izz file in a new folder say called 'Show Bundle' then place another folder below that called media and copy all the referenced media into it?
    You'd end up with something like:
    Or am I misunderstanding the problems?

  • @mark_m and @Kathmandale,

    The collection of data files would be easy if you couldn't do something like connect the output of a Calculator actor to the 'movie' input of a Movie player. In this case, it is pretty much impossible to know for sure which media is being used. Of course, if all the media were fixed – i.e., you set the 'movie' or 'sound' input and never change it – then it would be a relatively easy task as @Kathmandale points out.
    If we were to implement this feature, there would have to be some kind of warning to the users indicating that Isadora may or may not have actually collected all the needed media.
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    An option to collect 'Scene selected media' or 'All imported media' I think would be great.

    In cases where the user has dynamically selected media in the patch, it may still be helpful to be able to collect all imported media. Allowing the patch and media to be mobile (not reducing the linked media)
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    Media is organised within media 'bins' in Isadora, wouldn't we want any collection or packaging of asset files to follow? It would make reusing project files and replacing media assets simpler. Cheers bonemap

  • I think that'd be ideal @bonemap

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