• I was working with a group of students last week, introducing them to the wonders of Isadora. We had some nice video patch running, and they wanted to add some interactive audio. They had got their heads around patching video quite quickly but were horrified by the way audio works. "where's the audio out from the Sound Player" "where's the audio in to the Frequency Watcher?" etc....

    Wouldn't it be lovely if we could patch audio in the same way we patch video? 
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    I have to admit that I had the same thoughts when I saw Isadora the first time...

  • Dear @dbini + @crystalhorizon,

    Thanks for your comments. While we want Isadora to do everything we aren't quite there... yet. ;-)
    That being said, you have been able to do that kind of patching on the Mac OS version for years. (Connect an AUAudioFilePlayer to an AULowpass filter and then to a DefaultOutputUnit to see what I mean.)
    As promised at the Werkstatt in July, but the end of the year, you'll be able to do the same on Windows by the end of the year when we add VST Support. Then that kind of patching will be cross platform.
    So we're getting there.
    Best Wishes,
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    @mark thanx for the hint regarding the AUAudioFilePlayer -> AULowpass filter->DefaultOuputUnit

    there are always actors that got forgotten or slipping through my mind. So its good from time to time to get a reminder :-)
    VST Support would be absolutely stunning !! Can´t wait for that one ))
    All the best,
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    Double click on some of the AU or audio actors opens the dialog or gui  d9bdb8-screenshot-2016-09-02-22.26.46.png

  • Its been such a long time since i tried to do any audio in Izzy. I usually just send Midi Control to Ableton Live.

    Thanks @Mark for the superquick tutorial, its opened up a bunch of new actors for me. One day I'm going to have some free time and i'll be able to sit down and go through every actor in the toolbox.
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    I also work manly in Cubase for audio-but when I start working with audio in Isadora the output is always very positively surprising: I love the intuitive approach and the super flexible interactive possibilities

  • Is there a way to use the audio effects from logicx as actors too? They are usable in fcpx.