• Hi (again)..

    I'm having trouble with User Actors. I'm sure I'm doing something stupid, but if anybody has any thoughts, please let me know.
    I'm using User Actors and for some reason they won't update. They all have unique names but when I try to add them to the document tool box I get the message that I cannot add "Incorrect Name of User Actor" to document toolbox because "" already has the same unique identifier. It's the incorrect name of the user actor because the one I'm trying to save is named differently but the error message gives me the name of the actor I copied and pasted to make the current actor. Is there some kind of meta data where I can rename it?  
    Further, they won't even update. So, I'm a little stuck. Is it not possible, for some reason, to create user actors (these are projectors) by cutting and pasting?
    Any help appreciated. Attached is my patch and it's just the first scene "User Actors"


  • Tech Staff

    I think you need to make a small change to your user actor. (move an actor inside just a bit)

    and close it again. Select the option to create a new instance, when prompted.
    This will give the user actor a new internal ID, and it will then be unique.
    It is likely that you have been making changes to this one, and updating (if you selected all) the other in your bin.
    You may want to check (if you build the latest from another previous user actor)