Feature request: Limit-Scale Value - add change/always option.

  • Tech Staff

    I have found that I often hit a wall when I am scaling values, and using snapshots.
    Problem is that settings that are made work perfectly when setting them, but once saved and reloaded via snapshots, get stuck at the Limit-Scale Value actor.
    I would like to see an additional option like many other actors that is an change/always switch.
    so set to change (default) will work as it does now.. but set to always will pass the new value even if it is the same as the previous one received.

  • Dear DusX,

    So you mean by updating the scaling inputs (limit min, limit max, scale min, scale max) with snapshots, the output value doesn't change? Actually, I just tried that and it seems to work. I guess I'm a little lost with the description... I'm willing to make the change, but I just need a bit more to understand why.
  • Tech Staff

    no, sorry mark, its other actors that feed the values to the limit scale actors, and in many cases are the same value as before. The limit value actor, doesn't respond to the repeated value, so no value is sent.. often I would like to use this value to trigger other things. Sometimes as the value others as a trigger.
    does that make it more clear.
    I think that is some cases (I think there are others) actors are unclear as to if they will 'work' if a value is sent to them that is the same as the previous one. The change/always option is a nice way to make it clear and give you the programming option.

  • Dear DusX,

    Well, I think it's reasonable to add the always/change thing to the Limit Scale Value actor. Please send a bug report (if you haven't already) but also include simple test file that exhibits the problem, just so I'm 100% clear on what needs to be fixed and so I can tell when it's really working.
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    I will.
    I worry about changing it though, rather than adding the switch as a feature. I think in my case (maybe others) that a fix (that changes behavior) will cause numerous other problems in my patches.
    I have a few bugs on the go right now, so expect a test files in the coming week.