Accelerated speed using keyboard watcher

  • Hello, I'm trying to create an accelerated speed effect on a movie player.

    I've created a 'keyboard watcher' that is connected to a 'decay generator' which is then connected to the speed of the 'movie player'.
    So every time I press 'a' on my keyboard there is an increase of the speed by 100 and then when I release the key there is a decrease of 100\. (so I get a fast increase like a foot pedal on a car) The speed range on the movie player is has a scale min of '1' and a scale max of '1.5'.
    My only problem is the video which is Hap (1440 x 1080) seems to be a bit jerky as it increases and then never stays fully at 100 speed (1.5) when the key 'a' is depressed. Is there a way of smoothing this transition?
    Or a better way of achieving this effect using a key and a graph or something? I'm new to Isadora so this may seem basic.
  • Tech Staff

    As for the jerkynes.. you may need to ensure your drive that file is on is fast enough to stream the HAP file (they are rather large). This is the most common cause I have seen for playback issues with HAP.

    As a method of smoothing the acceleration, I suggest you look at the smoother actor.. its great for these types of things. Set 'smoothing' to a higher number like 0.9 and you should see a nice curve to the value changes.

  • My drive is a fast solid state drive so don't think it can be that. One thing I've noticed when I press 'a' key and hold down (as if it's a pedal accelerator) the trigger happens then switches off for a brief moment and then goes solid green. It is this that is causing the momentary glitch. Is there a way of avoid this? I've attached my patch. e842d6-accelerator-effect.izz