AppleScript or Java Screen Shots, labeled

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    Hi there,

    I am currently doing a show with four camera inputs that I am mixing down with some effects to one main out.  Simple. 
    However, as we're developing the piece, I need a way of documentation on the fly.  I'm trying to write an applescript that will accomplish the following:
    1\. Take a screen shot of the output monitor, ideally directly from Izzy, triggered from a MIDI controller
    2\. Label the ScreenShot with the CHANEL INPUT (DeckLink Quad #1/2/3/4)
    3\. Print the ScreenShot into an excel file or Filemaker Pro file.
    Has anyone done something like this that I might be able to adjust to my needs?  Or be able to help walk me through the process/point me in the right direction?  
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    I have a method that might help you. This is not the simplest of feature requests.
    Its not apple script, and I have no idea about the excel part (haven't looked into it.)

    What I have done is setup a webserver in Python, and created different urls that call different function/features. (RESTFUL api)
    A lightweight webserver/framework for python that I can suggest is Flask. see:
    I have found a Python module that can capture any and all stages easily... see:
    With a restful API, you can pass in parameters (communicate with it via the TCPIP actors in Isadora) that you should be able to write into the image via python (probably need to use another python module)
    I'm not sure if this type of thing is what you are looking for, but its the way I have found easiest for my own purposes.

  • This has come up so many times for so long, not too to implement, I filled in a feature request again for this.

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    Its on the list, and I swear we will get to it. :)