Feature Request: Spinner Actor with GPU Video.

  • Tech Staff

    If you are running Isadora V2.2 

    You can use the 'FFGLPanSpinZoom' actor, available in the FFGL downloads. 
    see: http://troikatronix.com/download/freeframeplugins/
    If you install the latest beta, you will find that the Spinner actor is GPU enhance for the next release!
    I suggest watching the Werkstatt keynote to learn more about Isadora 2.5
    Also, this article covers some key features/benefits

  • Hello,

    In projector, if you double click on the eye, you can activate the spin entry and you are now able to spin the movie.
    You can also activate 3D enable and you can rotate on the 3 axis.
    Do you need more?
  • Tech Staff

    Nice addition @jhoepffner

    Additionally, if you input to a 3D projector, you have these controls.. 
    Plus the ability to render to a Virtual stage to continue working with the video source.

  • thanks @DusX and @jhoepffner