'Field of View' (fov) functionality of the Virtual Stage and 3D Stage Orientation

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    A couple of my recent patches compositing 3D player, 3D Model Particles and 3D Rectangles to a Virtual Stage I have attempted to get a response from the 'fov' input of the Virtual Stage or 3D Stage Orientation. However, I could not get a sense of any perceptible difference to the 'fov' input parameters.
    I am now interested in emulating real 'fov' to attempt matching physical camera/projector lenses in the Virtual Stage output. The Isadora manual sounds promising "fov - Specifies the field-of-view for the 3D camera." 
    I am finding the input unresponsive on both Actors where it appears and just need to know if I am missing something?
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    can you please submit a support report? (see my signature for link)
    I will go thru this with you.
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    Thank you for the offer of support, actually I have reviewed the sequence of building the patches in Beta 2.4.5.b4 and found the 'fov' to be mostly functional. In recreating a patch it appears to be only the sequence of routing through the Virtual Stage vs. direct to the Projector stage.  I recall getting no response from 'fov' during the development in v.2.2.2, however I am unable to recreate it as a bug in v2.4.5.b4. It is there when I relaunch v2.2.2. So perhaps during development in v2.2.2 there was an issue with the Virtual Stage and fov? I have learned enough already to align the settings across various nodes in the appropriate sequence. 

    There are some inconsistencies with terminology provided by the in-app help. This is due to the renaming of the legacy 3D Renderer to Virtual Stage, where "3D Renderer" is still referenced in 'help' statements for the 3D actors.



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    feel free to enter the support ticket. I would be interested in taking a look at your patch/usage since you say 'mostly functional'. Perhaps there is something I can help with.  Good note about the "3D Renderer" being used in help. I will enter a bug ticket for this. Definitely something we should update.

  • Hello,

    I share your demand but I resolved it using Unity 3D via Syphon. Preparing the stage in Cinema 4D, you can have very precise position for everything, point of view, rotation axes etc. and manage the movement in perfect synchronicity.
    I prepare a note on it but I am late, due to another pressures…
    I can develop on it for you but I posted an explanation some time ago

  • I submitted the FOV bug when was introduced in 2.2 as I noticed in a remount of a show early this year. It looks fixed in the current 2.45 version and am glad as the show is remounting and I do not want to downgrade Isadora installations.

  • Dear All,

    I attempted a fix the FOV bug in response to the bug reports we received. (Thank you @LPmode.)
    So, it didn't magically fix itself. ;-)
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    Thanks @mark, It is a beautiful thing. I am sure there is magic in there somewhere! Anyway, I keep looking for it. Cheers Bonemap

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    @jhoepffner Thanks for your advice. So your work flow includes modelling 3D in Cinema4D and then accessing the models via osc once they are imported into Unity game engine? I imagine I will be extending into this kind of approach. Have you been able to control realtime particles and other generative effects this way. It adds a lot of extra development between software and takes up additional data transport in the system. Have you had any issues with lost packets or latency? Cheers Bonemap

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    I didn't try with particle or generative effect in Unity but I will, for the moment I use processing for generative effects and I try to use GLSL shader. There is no OSC lost in the process and no latency but, during the show, when I start the render in Unity the computer fan is starting!
    I will try to finish the manual soon.
    All the best, Jacques