Problem fading between scenes when Syphoning to MadMapper

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    I am new to the forum and relatively new to Isadora. I have been trying to use Isadora with [Matthew Haber]('s syphon for Isadora tools and everything works well except that when I jump between scenes with fades I am only getting hard cuts. Is there a way to fade between scenes when connecting videos exclusively to the syphon Isadora client and not directly to a projector patch?
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    There was a work around for this but id need to find it. Search for syphon on the old and new forum... it will be in one of the posts.

  • Thanks, I'll keep looking. I'm teching a show with it right now, so if anyone comes across the work around before I do you will have my eternal gratitude.

  • Found the post I think. Posted it below in case anyone else was interested. Let's see how it goes. Thanks to Mr. Haber for the patches and the help!;search_string=syphon%20jump%20actor;guest=21837297&t=search_engine#14474
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    Geitenkaas, you've got mail with an example patch. Just for the record, I am working on creating some documentation around this issue as well as some of the other commonly asked questions about my actors and everyone should expect that to pop up on the forum in the next couple of weeks.

  • The patch worked really well and gave me back full control between scenes. It was a nightmare project where everything that could go wrong seemed to be going wrong until I finally rebuilt the show from qlab into Isadora two days before opening and then received help from Mathew. I actually hadn't used Isadora before this, so it was a red bull infused crash course followed by a 5hour energy implementation. Public gratitude to Skulpture for the awesome syphon tools and Mathew H for the patch and instruction. All's well that ...ends.

  • That's the kind of success story I like to hear. Glad you got it done. And thanks to Skulpture and Matthew for making this such an amazing community.

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