Video Mixer Mix Amount inconsistently responding to Envelope Generator

  • So I have a series of scenes where there is an Enter Scene Trigger that trips an envelope generator upon, which sends a ramp to a Video Mixer's Mix Amount to fade into a new video and/or picture.

    The problem is that they only work about 90% of the time, and that other 10% is a problem during performances--the scene is entered, the envelope generator generates, but the Mix Amount just says, "eh, whatever," and doesn't respond to the input. This means I have to do a hasty jump back/jump forward to re-trip it and hope it's not too glaring.
    The scenes are all set up pretty much identically, and it's not consistent as to which scenes do this at which times. Is there a way to "kick" the mix amount to start seeing its envelope input if it doesn't at the scene's start?
  • Tech Staff


    Please enter a bug report (see my signature) and one of use will go thru this with you.
    Taking a look at your Isadora file will likely be our starting point.