4 Projectors 1 MacbookPro / Any idea?

  • Hi everyone! I´m looking for your advice. I want to connect 4 projectors to my MacbookPro I already tried with three using a Matrox TripleHead2Go without any troubles but now I want to connect four projectors. Last night I found the DATAPATH X4, I read about it and I think that could be a solution for it. My question is if anyone have some experience this device and Isadora.

    Do you have any alternative solution?

    Thanks a lot!


  • Hello,

    I have done that with a recent MacBookPro with 2 miniDisplayPort, 3 projectors on the first one with triple head (the DP edition) and the fourth one with DP to HDMI (or the HDMI port). It works but you need a powerful graphic card to do live effects on video.
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    Hi, I have configured four heads on a MBP in the following ways: I have used 4 x Infocus In3114 3500k projectors using DisplayLink drivers and a USB hub. Non-retina model 2 x nec4100 6k + 2 x Infocus on thunderbolt hub with hdmi to display port and Th2go all up converted to 4 x DVI Retina model 2 x nec on vga adaptor dongles to thunderbolt and 2 x Panasonic from hdmi (one built in to MBP the other on thunderbolt hub) There is a limit to total resolution that includes the built in display. Cheers Bonemap

  • I had to spend the money for a Mac Pro to get the max 5+1

    The bottom right monitor also was my Izzy GUI.
    USB video input from a Black magic camera capture for the video to play.

  • Hi everybody! I really appreciate all your expertise that you shared with us. I gonna make some numbers to get the right choice budget Vs final arrangement. By the way, thinking about @jhoepffner  comment referring to need a powerful graphic card.. I still think to use a external graphic card like the BizonBOX to improves the performance but… do you know if it good idea?

    Thanks a lot! @jhoepffner  @bonemap @craigw


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    The external gpu, should work (and provide great performance) as long as the 'shared opengl resources' feature is turned off in the preferences.
    The 'shared opengl resources' feature doesn't play well with mixed video cards. Remember this will be an untested configuration, so there may be unforeseen issues, but in theory should work.