• Hi all

    Have got very jagged edges on jpeg text images. The dimensions are 1920 x 1080 - 300 dpi.
     Is there any way to fix this?



  • first question, its jagged on the image? because if you doesn't change the resolution (stage-display etc.), normally what you put is what you get.

    Why you doesn't use the text fonctions in Isadora, scalable and sharp: Text Draw?

  • thanks jhoe. i didn't know there was a text function, duh!

  • Dear All,

    Well, @skulpture had previously said that the default resolution of would affect this situation, but it that is not correct. The Default Resolution will not affect the resolution of the Picture Player. The resolution of the Picture Player is determined by the picture it is showing. 
    @ray: can you post the picture in question here, so we can try it?
    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    Apologies. I know this. Not sure why/how I said that.

    My previous comment only applied when merging two or more video/image sources. 

  • sorry for the late response, was busy setting up the installation. i used the text draw actor and it worked fine, didn't know izzy had one. i've already deleted the jpeg images with the text.